League Welfare

Here at MKBCYFL we take the Welfare of all our Players, Volunteers and parents very seriously. Football should be played in a fun, safe, protected environment, free from abuse, bullying and ridicule.



The League is committed to following the RESPECT Programme as set out by The FA. We have been awarded Bronze Status by The FA for our work so far and we will continue to expect all Clubs to adhere to RESPECT at all times.

If you see something at a game that you feel should be reported then please contact us on the email address below.


A check of league member club officials CRB status will take place intermittently throughout the season against County FA records, and any club officials with a CRB status of “Not Started” will be highlighted to Club Welfare Officers (as applicable) for checking within their club. It is the responsibility of each Club Welfare Officer to keep the league and County FA website records up to date for their club. If you are unsure how to access your clubs Safeguarding directory please contact Tracy for assistance.


Welfare Office Contact Details

Email:  leaguewelfare@mk-youth-football-league.org.uk