Frequently Asked Questions











When fixtures are first published, are they set in stone?

No. Due to all sorts of reasons e.g. County Cup matches, League Cup matches, free weekend requests, bad weather etc, fixtures can and do change. All changes are sanctioned by the Fixtures Secretary.



From the published fixtures I see that I have a weekend with no match – can I assume this weekend will remain free so that I can plan to do other things?


No. Fixtures can change but if you want to keep a weekend with no match scheduled free to do other things, then contact the Fixtures Secretary and request that weekend to be kept free. However it is not certain that the request will be granted as a number of factors will affect the decision (fixture pile up, weather, commitments of other teams etc)



How much notice do I need to give to the Fixtures Secretary to guarantee a free weekend?

Rule 10C states that 6 weeks notice is required to request a free weekend. Any request will be considered with reference to the commitments of all teams and the scheduling of all fixtures on a Sunday before the end of April.

You can only have 3 free weekends per season.



I have just been informed by some of my players that they are away and unavailable on a weekend where I have a fixture. Can I request a free weekend with less than 6 weeks notice?


The free weekend request will only be granted if players are unavailable through school activities.

The League will request confirmation of the school activity.



If I have less than 11 players available, can I call a match off?

FA rules allow a match to commence with a minimum of 7 players on the pitch. Clearly, if you have less than 7 players available then the match cannot take place, although this will constitute a game being unfulfilled and it will be referred to the Disciplinary Committee, as it would if you were to call the game off with 7 or more players.



Under what circumstances can I call off a scheduled fixture?


As a manager, you can call off any game you wish. However, unless it is for an acceptable reason, the unfulfilled fixture will be referred to the Disciplinary Committee who can decide to award the game to your opponents and/or issue a fine. Legitimate reasons for a fixture to be called off are:


  • A clash of fixture with a County Cup fixture
  • A clash of fixture with a League Knock-out Cup fixture
  • Insufficient players available due to a school activity (Rule 8Ri) – see below


Where players are unavailable due to a school activity, the League will require a letter from the School confirming the names of the players taking part in the school activity. This list of players will be compared against your Team Registration Sheet and if the number of players on the school activity brings your total of remaining registered players below 11, then the game will be rescheduled. If you are left with 11 or more registered players available, the fixture will be expected to be fulfilled.



If my match is called off by the referee or groundsman, who do I need to tell?


You must advise your opponents and the Fixtures Secretary asap. If it was the groundsman who called the game off, and you had a Referee allocated to your game, then you also need to advise the Referee and the Referees Secretary. You can advise the Fixtures Secretary in the same way you would a normal result – by text – or by using the on-line result sheet. No team sheet is required.

If the match is called off in advance (i.e. before Sunday) then contact your opponents to see if their pitch is available and consider switching the game.

If you do this then still report the result as per the original fixture – but put something in the ‘comments’ section to indicate the reversal.




Can I agree with my opponent’s team manager to reschedule a published fixture?

Refer to Rule 10. Part (B)(iii) permits Clubs to move a fixture to a new date – if there is a problem with a fixture on a particular date -  provided that both teams agree a new date and that they inform the Fixtures Secretary 4 days before the scheduled match. This is designed to allow teams to take ownership of last minute issues with matches



After a match is played, who do I give the result to and by when?


Results are gathered through the FA FullTime system and all teams will receive a text message they can respond to on match day. Teams can, however, opt to simply access the FullTime system directly and enter the result through there.

(Note that this includes additional requirements such as referee marks, fair play and the attaching of a team sheet).

Both teams must submit the result – by one method or the other - by 6pm on the day of the match (except for midweek results which are due by 9pm on the day).

Both teams must also complete the FullTime system result submission within 4 days of the match.

If there are any reports required – for fair play or referee marks – then these should also be submitted within 4 days of the match.


Late results to the Fixtures Secretary will incur a £10 fine.


Incomplete or late on-line result sheets to the Fair Play Secretary will also incur a £10 fine. An additional £10 fine will be charged each week until the fully completed result sheet arrives.




Do I have to fill in all of the information on the FullTime result submission?

Yes. The sheet will not allow you to submit it if information is missing – including the attachment of a team sheet. 


Failure to fill in the Result Sheet completely will result in a fine so please take the time to complete it correctly.



If my team have an away fixture and I have not received confirmation of the Sunday match by the preceding Tuesday evening from the home team, what should I do?


Rule 10D requires the home team to confirm the fixture at least 5 days prior to playing the match i.e. by the Tuesday evening preceding a Sunday match. If this does not happen, you must advise the Fixtures Secretary that confirmation by the due deadline did not take place. Under Rule 10D you are then required (as the away team) to seek confirmation of the match from the home team. If you cannot get hold of the home team manager, it is recommended that you contact the home team Club’s Secretary. It is advisable to keep the Fixtures Secretary informed if you continue to have problems in contacting the home Club.



 PLAYER Registrations



How do I register additional players? 

All player registrations are done through the FA Whole Game System (WGS) and a player will only be considered for registration by the league once their details are fully inserted to WGS and the League Registration Secretary has received a completed Player Parent Agreement Form (downloadable from the web site).

These forms can be delivered by hand or can be scanned and submitted electronically – by email.

If you are delivering by hand then you should place your documents in an envelope and put this through the letterbox of the Registrations Secretary house.

You should NOT knock unless you have made prior arrangements to do so.

All player registrations are processed strictly in the order they are received – please do not harass the Registrations Secretary to complete your registrations quickly as this will be reported to the Disciplinary Committee.



What type of photo is acceptable

The photo must be reasonably recent – preferably within the last 3-6 months – should be of a ‘passport’ style (i.e. head and shoulders) and MUST be clearly recognizable.

These photos are used for pitch side identification and if the player looks nothing like the picture then it is possible that they will be refused permission to take part in the match.


How long will it take to get a player registered?


Every effort is taken to register players asap. The commitment to you is to return all documents and player registration cards within two weeks of receipt (see Rule 8Diii). Please allow for these two weeks when planning your player registrations.






Can I expect to have a League appointed referee at each of my matches?

No. Unfortunately there are simply not enough referees available. For afternoon matches, priority is given to U18 matches, followed by U16 Div 1 and U15 Div 1. For morning matches, it is U14 matches that have priority, followed by U13, U12 and finally U11. The exception to the above is for League Cup matches and ad-hoc matches where it is considered appropriate to appoint a match official.



If I do not have a referee allocated to my fixture, is it the responsibility of the Referees Secretary to find me a referee if I ask for one?


No. The Referees Secretary acts purely as the agent of the League registered Referees and is responsible for allocating them to fixtures. Should a registered Referee become available when previously they had said they were not available for a particular weekend, the Referees Secretary will allocate that Referee to a fixture. The Referees Secretary may decide to allocate that Referee to your fixture if you have asked for one, but there is no guarantee of being allocated a Referee.



Who pays for the match official(s)?

The home team for League and League Cup matches. The exceptions are as follows:

·         In League matches where three officials have been allocated by the Referees Secretary, the home team pays for the Referee and the home and away teams share equally the costs of the two Assistant Referees (as per Rule 13E)

·         in League Cup Semi Finals, the costs of all three match officials are shared equally between the home and away teams (as per Cup Rule 6)

In the League Cup Finals, there are no costs to teams.



I am a League registered Referee and I have not received from the home team confirmation by Tuesday evening of their Sunday fixture – what should I do?


Firstly, you should report this to the Referees Secretary as the home team are infringing a League Rule. You should continue to assume that you will be officiating the match unless advised otherwise by the Referees Secretary who may reallocate you to another match. You should turn up at the match even if no confirmation has been received and should there be no match, you must report this to the Referees Secretary who will arrange for you to receive match fees plus travelling expenses from the League (in accordance with Rule 13F) and then this will be claimed back by the League from the home Club in addition to receiving a fine.






If I dispute a fine imposed by the League, can I appeal against it?

The Club will be notified on the Charge Sheet of the Rule that has been infringed and the fine that will be issued. The Club can then either pay the fine by admitting the infringement or they can ask the League to consider mitigating circumstances prior to a final decision being made. If the Disciplinary Committee upholds the fine, the Club will be advised. Should the Club then wish to Appeal against that fine, they must do so by appealing to the Berks & Bucks County FA (see Rule 16 for details of the process).







Remembrance Sunday – do we observe a minutes silence prior to the start of a match?

It is not mandatory. However, the League would encourage teams to respect Remembrance Sunday in the traditional manner within football by holding a minute silence prior to kick-off. We suggest that the manager of each team, together with the match Referee, discuss this and agree between themselves whether a minute silence will be held.



Why do the League not publish the Goals For and Against in the League Tables?

Goal difference is not used to determine a team’s position within a divisional table. Furthermore, the ethos of the League is about fair play and as such we do not believe it serves youth football if teams are encouraged to score as many goals as possible. The humiliation of another team is not what youth football should be about. Hence we do not publish Goals For and Against.



If I want to enter my team into a tournament, do I have to tell you?

Yes, if it is on a date within the Season (September – May inclusive). You must seek permission from the General Secretary of the League in order to enter the tournament and you must also issue to the Fixtures Secretary a request for a free weekend for the date in question.

There is no guarantee that either of these will be granted as League commitments always come first.